Fancy is the Founder and Highly-Acclaimed Curator of the Personal Fashion and

Home Décor House, Savior Of Style.

“Fancy,” as her friends call her, has one mission statement for Savior of Style: “Make people happy by transforming their personal style.” Being that she was named “one of Atlanta’s top designers” by Look Magazine, her mission is off to a good start.

Originally, from Charleston, South Carolina, Fancy spent over a decade as a fashion and interior design executive. After speaking to her, one quickly discovers she is at once a style historian, explorer and collector. She has a savvy, sassy, and sophisticated eye for the ageless era of all things Vintage and Luxe.

Influenced by her mother, who had great style, and her grandmother, who loved to thrift, Fancy grew up surrounded by antiques, vintage clothing and jewelry — many of which have been passed down to her and she has proudly used to design the home she shares with the love of her life, Joe.

If you ever get to experience the treasure trove of captivating fashions and home furnishings, Fancy acquires during her storied style expeditions, you should. She never plans to find what she does, nor is it a happy accident, it’s simply somewhere in between, and “Fancy” wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I dedicate Savior of Style to my beloved mother, Jeanne Campbell Ashley Jones, and my grandmother, Rose Jones — both ladies lived with an abundance of style and grace. Both spent their lives surrounding themselves with the heritage of southern traditions and inspired me to do the same.”